This chat with Dan Ireland, a mindfulness and meditation teacher went places I didn’t expect it to go.

Dan is the exact opposite of the stereotype you have in your head for these type of experts and it really resonated with me – and hopefully you as a result.

As part of his Awareful coaching business,

Dan works with athletes and businesses to help them reach their full potential.

This is really worth the listen as Dan breaks down mindfulness and meditation in a very simple way.

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Dan Ireland
Insight from our chat with Dan Ireland

Who Is Dan Ireland?

Dan Ireland
Dan Ireland from Awareful

Dan is an internationally accredited and experienced Mindfulness/Meditation teacher.

He is also a qualified Psychotherapist, Emotional Intelligence Lead and Tibetan Buddhist of Kagyu and Nyingma lineage.

With locations and courses in the UK, Europe and Australia through his Awareful brand.

He doesn’t pretend to have discovered any new way or new style.

And he is proud to say that everything he has learned and discusses have come at the hard work of many many others over thousands of years.

Dan teaches, coaches and mentors to share his journey out of failure, chronic depression, acute anxiety disorder and the fear created by the stigma that is still the baggage of many poor mental health sufferers…

Importantly the joy and completeness you can feel when you have that control back.

He offers simple teachings and tips for everyday people on how to better manage your mental health.

For more info on Dan check out

Insight from our chat with Dan Ireland
Insight from our chat with Dan Ireland
Insight from Dan Ireland
Insight from Dan Ireland

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Insight from Dan Ireland
Insight from Dan Ireland


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